My new diamond ring. Could anyone here tell me about it?

  1. I recieved this by default.
    My Mom and Dad live in Turkey for half of the year and often, more than often my mother buys jewelry.

    My father went out later than her and stopped in Istanbul and bought her this ring. Earlier that week my Mother had already bought herself the exact same ring.
    Soooooooo when they returned to Istanbul to fly home they bought a third ring, this way my Mom, Sister and I could have identical rings.

    I don't know anything about jewelry, I'm completely admittedly ignorant, but I know many of you know a fair bit.
    If you know, could you tell me about the ring?? If there is a name for the shape of style?
    I'd like to know about it for myself and when people ask I'd prefer not to sound like a total twit. ;)

    I know it's 14K with 14 diamonds and 4 emeralds., that's it.:shame:
    aaaring.jpg aaaring1.jpg
  2. Beautiful ring Winona! It's very unusual! How funny that your mom and dad both purchased the same exact ring!
  3. It is odd. And the thing is, it wasn't their usual vendor from the Grand Bazzar, it was some new jeweler that both parents didn't know that the other knew.
    SO odd.
    Fate really.
  4. It's quite lovely...nice story too! Are one or both of your parents from tukey?
  5. I can't believe I spelled Bazaar wrong.

    Varsh, no neither. They are just really weird parents.
    They had a place in Cuba too. They are upper middle class, but have figured out where the cheap real estate in beautiful locations are.
    They have a this crazy villa on the Med in Turkey, it cost about 25,000US.
    Cunning and adventurous they are.
  6. Oh Winona, what a great story about your parents! I want to be them!
  7. Its beautiful!
  8. thanks coco - they are fun, and VERY young at heart.
    Bag Fetish- Thanks!!
  9. This is a beautiful ring it's very unique. (Aside from your sister and mother having the same one. You what I mean right)
  10.'s a gorgeous ring
  11. It's very pretty.

  12. Wow! So that's where you get your daring, tasteful, and bargain shopping ways! :lol:

    That is seriously so cool....I can't believe they got a villa on the Med for such a bargain...they are my heroes.
  13. woah winona, your parents are awesome! they sure do know how to live their life to the fullest and they definitely deserve it.

    i'm no help on the ring but that is one absolutely stunning ring!
  14. I love the story and the ring is very unique! You will love this ring for years to come.
  15. unique ring and story!