My NEW Diamond Dial Rolex w/Mother of Pearl Face!! PIC!!

  1. I decided on the all white 18k and stainless diamond dial Rolex with Mother of Pearl face!!

    I think the all white is so sleek and the MOP is so beautiful how it shimmers and reflects the light!

    I LOVE IT!!:yahoo:

    Sorry about the bad doesn't capture the amazing beauty of my new Rolex at all!! the flash made it look a little redish gold...
  2. I love it!!!!!! I'm so glad you posted a picture- it is soooo beautiful!!!! I am thrilled for you that you were able to get exactly what you wanted. It is perfect!!!!! That is my dream watch in the Midsize. However, my wallet doesn't care about my dream watch. I am glad for you that you could get exactly what you had your heart set on. It is just lovely!!!!!
  3. congratulations!! it's lovely!!
  4. That is my dream watch as well! However in midsize, but hey, who am I kidding. It will never happen :roflmfao:

    Congratulations! It is just beatiful!
  5. Can you post a wrist shot??? Also how did the shopping experience go???
  6. THAT is beautiful!
  7. very pretty. congrats!
  8. Congrats! I LOVE the MOP dial. Mine has more of a pinkish tone to it than white :love: Enjoy!
  9. Gorgeous!! Also my dream watch. Enjoy!!
  10. It's a great watch. Wear it well:tup:
  11. Here is a pic on my wrist. I love looking at how the MOP and Diamonds shimmer in the light!!:yahoo:

    Here is a pic on my wrist. The manager kept insiting that Rolex does not allow them to discount anymore and they are very strict about it but I was persistant and said that the other Rolex dealer in town offered 10% automatically on all Rolexes which they do and since the store that I bought it at told me that they do have a little more room to discount when the Rolex is higher in price. So bascially they had to do better then 10% or I was just going to buy it from the other store. I know that the other store would not offer more then 10% and they sell tons of Rolexes while the store that I bought it at said they only sell about 1 per week. He asked what I was hoping to get off and I said 20% and he laughed and said that could NEVER happen. I said what about 15%? he had to call the actual owner to the chain of jewelry stores and ask if he could do that and he told the owner that it was a 2 tone diamond and MOP to make it seem even higher in price!! The owner said it was ok so the manager gave me 15% off. The manager told me that he calls the owner about once per month to to see if he will allow him to give a discount on Rolex. I read the posts on here about getting a discount on Rolex and it seems like some people do and some don't but I think it also might be what the store is willing to do to make the sale even if Rolex strictly prohibits it. I think the smaller Rolex dealers that dont sell as many may be more willing to bend the rules then a larger store that sells a lot more Rolexes...
  12. very nice!
  13. Hopefully now the pic is a little larger...
  14. Gosh!! You can't get prettier than that! Congratulations!
  15. that is a gorgeous watch! and i'm glad you got the 15% off-congrats!