My new diamond band!

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  1. Hey ya'll!! My DH suprised me with this last night! Every since I got my new gold Rolex for Christmas I have been having a hard time with what band to wear with it. I don't want to wear my wedding ring cuz it's just too much. I was followed around a few days ago but some guy and it scared me. So I started wearing a band plain gold instead. Then I wore a white gold one with princess invisiset and he just started rolling his eyes! So he showed up with this one to match with my watch! It's sooo purty!!;) It's 2 carats FG color vvs set in 18kyg! I don't know what the retail would be on it but our price as manufacturers is 13k. So at least one and half times that for retail. It's just perfect for me!
    DSC00360.jpg DSC00361.jpg DSC00362.jpg DSC00363.jpg DSC00365.jpg
  2. Very nice..i loove looking at diamond rings. What kind of wedding ring do you have?
  3. Beautiful ring!
  4. Stunning ring i love diamonds shame i have a husband that does not share that passion (or any other come to think of it):sad: :sad: I would love to see a picture of your wedding ring please.
  5. Congratulations.
  6. WOW!!! That's some kind of bling!
  7. :nuts: wow! gorgeous! you hubby has great taste!

    although if that's less blingy than your wedding set, you should really post that too. for purely scientific comparision purposes of course. ;)
  8. He does have good taste! He married me!!!:nuts::lol:

    This is my wedding set. The band is almost 1.5 cts flawless colorless and the pear is 5+ I believe. The aquamarine is flawless and weighs in close to 14-16 cts with micro set diamonds on the band. The aquamarine is very rare and I wear it as my right hand ring;)
    attachment.jpg attachment-1.jpg
  9. Very pretty. Love them all.:drool:
  10. congrats!
  11. ;) Your passions you make your own. I know I have!
  12. It's cool that the ring looks like the links on the rolex! If you have time, please take a picture of you wearing them together! :yes:
  13. It's a lovely ring and goes great with your Rolex. Congrats and wear it in the best of health!
  14. Congrats! Lovely!