My new diamond and saphire bracelet

  1. Okay....while I was in Chicago I went to see my jewler, I wanted a colorful bracelet for summer..I chose the saphire color and stones, he just set them in the bracelet and asked for my approval before he pronged them this is the proof pic...what do you think??? I love it. I also bought 2 paved diamond bangles to go with...
  2. urggghhhhh
  3. okay I give up...I can not get it to post *amn it!
  4. You have to upload the image as an attachment. (You can't link photos from your hard drive.)

    Are you using the "Manage Attachments" button?
  5. the pics are in "my documents" not "my pictures." I just can not seem to get them to upload for some reason??
  6. Will check back...they sound lovely.
  7. Sunshine...They Sound Beautiful!!! :smile:
  8. u know what to do ask VLAD:smile: