My New Dentelle Batignolles!!!

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  1. After what seemed like the longest week ever, waiting for the transfer to arrive, I finally got it! :yahoo::heart::yahoo::heart::yahoo:And it fits all my junk! ha ha ha

    Special hello to Veronika & Missmiss, fellow DBH LVers. ;)
    Dentelle BH.jpg Dentelle BH 2.jpg Dentelle BH 6.jpg Dentelle 4.jpg Dentelle BH 5.jpg
  2. wow! That's really cool! Congratulations!
  3. awesome piece!!! CONGRATS
  4. I love the dentelle line...
    Congrats on your LE !!!
  5. Congrats! I love the Dentelle.
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congrats -- great purchase:heart:
  8. Congrats!!
  9. Congrats! I hope you will enjoy that feminine beauty!
  10. Very pretty! Congrats!
  11. Enjoy ~ I love LE pieces!
  12. So pretty! Congrats!
  13. ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH it's BEAUUUUUUUUUUUTIFULLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies and goes to heaven* [​IMG]
  14. congrats!
  15. its beautiful!!!~ i love the dentelle line!!!~