My new denim cruise bag is here..opinions please

  1. I have been on waitlist for this bag forever it seems but I finally got it!! The Cabas Raye GM was way too big for me and I passed up on the Porte Epaule upon first inspection way back in October but I then regretted passing it up. Well now it's finally mine and although I do love it, it's not practical as I think
    it only looks good with casual outfits (I could never carry this to work). I also wish it had handles like the Raye. :s

    My SO says he likes it but also pointed out it is not a practical bag and I could never really pull this bag off for work. Maybe I should reconsider this purchase for something more useful? I really love how this bag looks but I'm just undecisive...okay maybe I'm just's been a long day!

    Anyhow thoughts would be appreciated and tomorrow after work I will try to take pictures wearing it ;)

    Picture 007.jpg
  2. It really depends on the nature and environment of your workplace. I personally think it's gorgeous. Let's not forget you can use it weekends and after work too.
  3. what do you normally use for work??? what bags do you have in your collection? seems like you wanted this bag so badly.....and now it is finally yours!!!

    if you pass this up again, you'll always regret it ---- i think you should keep it and admire it.... you can always keep it in your home safe, and baby it!!!;) :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. Keep it. It is beautiful! Just get yourself in the habit of alternating your bags regularly. This is the trick...Friday after work swap your bag for this one. You will use her Friday night and all weekend and then it makes it more exciting to see your other bags Monday morning. This is what I do with my Bosphore Pochette and it works great...and hey, sometimes she goes to the office with me on Fridays!
  5. I loooooooove that bag! I want it!
  6. I like it, but if you are not completely happy I would consider exchanging it for something you will for sure love.
  7. That bag is so beautiful! I agree about changing your bags out after work if you go out or on Friday after work. You will love it even longer when you look forward to using it!
  8. ita!!! if you're not happy with it and will not use it, may as well get something you'll get to use a lot!
  9. I love it. Like you said, it's not exactly a bag you would carry to work. If you want something more practical, maybe you should go for something else.
  10. its soooo soo gorgeous!
  11. I ended up getting the CRUISE GM denim bag....I had both sizes and found I liked the GM size more
  12. if thats PINK on there .... i love it 10 times more if it wasnt PINK ... so if its not PINK ... its still HOTTTT
  13. I love it I love it I love it!!! Congratulations!
  14. keep it! you can always use it for vacations and days off!
  15. I love it! Congratulations! If you're not happy with it you should exchange it. You may regret though especially since it was such a long wait.