My new Denim BAGGY GM!!!!!

  1. Yay~~~ i just got my very first LV denim piece---->neo Baggy GM, im loving it:yahoo: !!!

    P.S. ^^i'm 5'8''
  2. It's Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! The Baggy GM Is My Favorite Style In The Denim!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!! :smile:
  3. LOOOOOOVES it!! Ive been wanting a baggy!

    Either PM in Blue or GM in Green, what do you think?
  4. That is such a great, unique LV bag. Love the LV denim Baggy's! :heart: Your blue GM is gorgeous and you look fantastic wearing it. It looks really fun wearing it messenger style too. Congratulations!! :smile:
  5. You should totally get it:yahoo: !!!! LOL~~i think PM looks cute, but i like big bags, so i'd say GM!!!
  6. Congrats!!! Looks absolutely great on you:yes: :love: !!!Ooohh did you buy the long strap separately....likey...likey. Do you mind telling me how much is the retail in Aus.? TIA
  7. Thanks, Lee69. The baggy GM is AUD$1870, and the strap is AUD$270:yes:
  8. Thank you girlie!:flowers: Now I need one bad:hysteric:
  9. congrats! the baggy gm looks great on you :yes:
  10. Thanks:P ~girls!! Its my only LV bag...(sold my BH a month ago...kinda regret it:noggin: )
  11. purdy! love it!
  12. 0o0o0o congrats!!! it looks awesome on ya!!!
  13. Ooh! Fresh vachetta leather! *Drools*:nuts:

    You look good with it!:jammin:
  14. u loook gooooorgeous with it!!!
  15. BB, I love it!!! Now I see why you were so into it! It looks so much better on you than it does by itself.:love: Congrats, girl! You look FAB! Great decision!!!:yahoo:
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