My new Denaro, my new love :)

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  1. I was not going to buy a Denaro, because I have traditionally been a "big fat wallet" girl. I didn't think I could fit all my wallet stuff into a Denaro.

    However, I fell in love with a Notte/Citta Denaro the other day - when I open it, Adios, bulldog, and monkey are looking at me) so I took the plunge and bought it. My justification to myself? "Black won't get dirty..." LOL

    Everything necessary from my big fat wallet fits in my Denaro!! License, debit card, and credit cards in the slots...library card, Costco card, etc in the billfold area...and still plenty of room to expand! Woo!

    The problem with this is that now I can forsee myself "needing" a Bambino/Ciao/Dolce/Bocce because now I know I can fit my stuff into a mini-bag. :roflmfao: Heh.

    Which of all the minis fits the most? I really think I might need to find an Inferno Ciao.

  2. LOL Congrats on your denaro!! As for the smaller bags.. I dont have a bambino of my own but that bag (IMO) would fit the most! The bocce would fit the least! The ciao can fit a lot too.. depending on what you put in it and how you wear it! Hope that helped! :p
  3. ciao is pretty big... same w/ dolce and bambino... their shapes are just a lil different
  4. ooh congrats on your new denaro! :tup:
    I still don't own one of those and I'm not sure I ever will but they look so cuute!!

    I have a bambino but haven't used it yet but it looks like it def. fits more than a bocce.
  5. I didnt want to get a bambino because i have always been a girl with bigger bags....bambino just seems way too small to fit everything. lolz...boy was i wrong. I got an inferno bambino and I was amazed on how much you could put in there. its amazying. cell phone,wallet,keys,glasses, and checkbook, stillhas space for more items. so if you find a good placement of a print, then go ahead and buy it.
  6. Well to me it seems that a ciao can fit a lot - but you have to watch the shape of the items in it, because it can easily look bulky. From my own personal experience, my bambinos fit TONS~ AND they look absolutely adorable doing it! :3
  7. LOL...congrats on the new denaro...I got a black one too, well the black/original print one and to me it matches with all the bags so I use it more than my Amore denaro lol.
  8. congrats i really want a denaro!