My new deer skin black luxury tote

  1. I just picked up the new fall 06 black luxury line tote yesterday from boutique in SF....It has the sheen in it,but not that flashy. The bag is big but I love it. especially there is a zip closure on the top. Inside is black leather lining. I love love the handle which feels very nice and durable. The leather is definitely the best I have ever seen,durable and scrach resistance. I think it is the ultimate Chanel bag for me cause it is roomy too!:yahoo::wlae:
    deer1.JPG deer2.JPG deer3.JPG deer4.JPG deer5.JPG deer6.JPG
  2. Gorgeous bag! I love this one!
  3. Gorgeous, I tried on this bag too, very comfortable like you said and the leather is TDF!
  4. Thanks SoCal, I tried on the new Mademoiselle tote that you bought and I love the chain better than the original one. But lamb skin is too delicate for me. So I chose this baby! That is the best Chanel bag ever for me,even love it more than the reissue!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats! Beautiful and practical!
  6. Gorgeous!! Don't you just love the deerskin? It is amazing leather - no way will it scratch. And you captured the sheen nicely!
  7. gorgeous bag, chloe-concord!!!
  8. So have you made decision of yours? I tried the bowler and found out it is little bit clumbsy to hold it under arm and the handles are bit short. I think this tote is more roomy and practical yet durable....I have been looking for such tote in Chanel for a long time and this new deerskin leather is more outstanding than calf skin and it is not that flashy ...:graucho:
  9. Beautiful!!!!
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. Congrats!

    :heart: That is one beautiful tote!
  12. Really stunning. Congratulations! Wear it well...
  13. Yes, I am going to keep the deerskin bowler. I just love it. If I had enough stuff to put in a tote I'd buy it but the bowler is the perfect size for me.

    I still want to compare the deerskin leather to the metallic black goatskin in person because I'm anal LOL! I'm thinking the deerskin will hold up better because it's so thick. I plan to use my bowler a lot!

    Enjoy your beautiful new tote! You have great taste in bags. :biggrin:
  14. Congrats Chloe_concord, can you tell us what you paid for your new baby?
  15. NICE!!! I'm loving the deerskin.:tender:
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