My New Decolette Crepe Platform Pump

  1. Today is a wonderful day. Im in love the the FedEx man...or woman....never actually saw look what they brought me! :yahoo:

  2. hotness!!!
  3. Those are REALLY nice
  4. WOW, Hot shoes! How does the size run? did you have to order 1/2 size larger? TIA :smile:
  5. WOW!! I love those!
  6. Those are gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchase!
  7. Love them!
  8. very cute.
  9. Stinas, you are in a roll. How many louboutins have you purchased in the past month? You and I obviously have the same problem. I think that I am on my sixth pair since June.
  10. love them .. :dothewave:
  11. They look good on. They're what Monssieur L. was talking about when he said he used mesh and lace to be revealing yet keep you covered.
  12. HOT!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  13. I know!!!! I think i bought about 4 in the last month. :yahoo: I think i need to put myself on a shoe ban. Thank god im going on vacation soon or else i would be sleeping with my there are shoes where im going, so who knows what ill come home with.

    These shoes are a 39...i think the 39 1/2 would have been a bit more comfy, but these run true to Louboutin your louboutin size before purchasing.:wlae:
  14. Yup. Yup.....way too small for you! See, know your Louboutin size before purchasing....I know mine......39!!! 'bout that?? Throw em my way!!!!:roflmfao: We wouldn't want you to get a bunion or somethin'........hehe. Gorgeous!