My new Day is coming...

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  1. in Aquamarine!! After seeing all the Aquamarine bags posted recently I just fell in love :heart: with the color and I've been wanting a Day, so.....I called Bal Paris and Printemps (because I'm in France on biz and thought I would just pop over to Paris if they had one - for cheaper, too) but they didn't have any left, so Crystal at BalNY is sending me (the last) one from nyc. :yahoo:

    I also just bought an Ink City (my first bbag purchase, which I actually have yet to see, it's sitting at home with my DH) so I'm thrilled to be starting my collection!

    Speaking of DH, wonder what I'll tell him...:sweatdrop: I guess :cutesy: and :love: since he's so great! Seriously though, that's three bags (bought a paddy in Feb) in three months, so I am officially OUT of purse cash now. These beauties will keep me happy for a long while!! :jammin:
  2. CONGRATS you will LOVE the Aqua!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Congratsss on your day!! is it RH or GH?
  4. Yay!!!! I love the aqua in a day style!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. Welcome to the most addicting collection ever. This forum will make you want so many bags! COngratulations, I am super excited for you. Post pics when you get it. BTW, I am so jealous that you are in FRANCE!!!
  6. Ooo, can't wait to see it!
  7. Great choice!!! The Day is awesome and I think it's just lovely in Aqua. Congrats!!! And pics when you get it! :yes:
  8. congrats!! can't wait to see pics.
  9. :dothewave: can't wait to see ur new AQUA day bag.....don't forget posting the pics here.....congrats, it's a lovely color...i have seen so many pics in one of the threads, the color is really a beauty...heheehhe
  10. Thanks, everyone!! I'm super excited and can't wait for it to arrive at home and for my hubby to bring it when he visits next weekend. I will absolutely post pics when I get it - and lots of them, too, because it seems like it's a hard color to capture!

    hi mimi23 - it's a Day with RH - although I have been LOVING some of the photos I've seen with GH...actually the first photo I saw of the color that made me go :amazed: and then :nuts: was an aqua city with GH - it was stunning!

    hey Shasta - France is great and I have to say the people are so much nicer than the stereotype - and to have butter as a major food group! :girlsigh: heaven...
    Only an hour from Paris so I go down on weekends to see friends....:yahoo:
  11. Congrats on you new bag(s)....buying bbags now I relate to being a crack addict...always need more...;)
  12. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pics...I'm sure it will be lovely!
  13. You lucky girl! I desperately want to go to France, but it sounds like a nightmare to take an 3 kids ages 8 and younger. I couldn't leave my sweeties at home. Go to the Bal store in France and tell us what you see, try to be sneaky and take pics. Have a fantastic time and drink
    lots of great wine!
  14. THANKS I will!! About BalParis - golly how do you take undercover pics? hmmm.....

    UPDATE on my Aqua Day - I swear I ordered it yesterday and had Crystal at BalNY ship it Ground to our apt in Boston and it arrived - today!! :nuts: OK so THEN, thank God for neighbors with morals - or morals and no idea what Balenciaga is - because somehow someone in our building signed for it and carried it up to our apt. My DH found the box with my new Aqua Day leaning against our door in the hallway when he got home from work tonight. :amazed: :wtf: My hubby said, "look honey, you've got mail" and waved the box in front of the webcam. After I stopped hyperventilating at the thought of the box disappearing off the face of the planet, I asked him to open it and he dutifully showed it to me - it's so beautiful!!! :heart: :heart: How do I wait 7 whole days for him to bring it to me?!? :wondering I'm just so excited!! :yahoo: :yahoo: