My new 'Day' finally arrived from Neimans--not exactly:-)

  1. :pSo some of you might remember me asking about the 'Day' style as I was considering getting a violet day. Then I realized I didn't care for violet as much as I thought I what's a girl to do?!?! Here I present the solution--the leather is absolutely heavenly, just dreamy:smile::woohoo:
    DSCN5356_2wtmkwtmk.JPG DSCN5357_2wtmkwtmk.JPG DSCN5358_2wtmkwtmk.JPG
  2. Very nice Ferragamo :smile:
  3. Nice looking bag, love the braiding details on the sides :tup:
  4. great color.
  5. it looks like a lot of people are out flirting! very pretty bag - is it close to the size of the Day? Ferragamo has some cool bags this season!
  6. :wtf: ..... :drool: ..... :tup:
  7. If you like it, I think you should buy it!
  8. girlygirl & blueeyez - Thank you:smile:
    DD101 - Thanks, the braiding's incredible, not rigid at all, extremely soft.
    LVobseesed - The color's a perfect shade of metallic pewter, not to shiny(though the flash of the camera makes it much brighter), not too muted, it matches pretty everything in my closet!
    alisonanna - The size does reminds me of the Day--since I've never owned a Day but has only tried on--I'm trying to remember it as best as I can--it's definitely a great size, with deep and wide inside zipper pocket, an smaller open pocket for cell(i imagine) and a larger open pocket perfect for my agenda, I can't describe how thick and smooshy the leather feels like--it's lovely, yet very lightweight as most Ferragamos are:smile:
    KDC - it's mine! :smile: