My new David Yurman ring!

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  1. My amazing boyfriend :love: got me the David Yurman Crossover X ring for my birthday. Just wanted to share with all of you! I can't find my camera cable, but here's the pic from the website:
  2. Very pretty!!! :smile: Very nice boyfriend!
  3. I like it. Congrats!
  4. that ring is absolutely amazing! congrats.. what an awesome boyfriend!
  5. I love it!
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. So pretty!:love:
  8. I really like it and I'm sure it looks gorgeous on your finger! What a nice bf you have...!
  9. Very pretty. Congrats.
  10. Pretty
  11. Thats gorgeous:love:
  12. Very pretty, what a sweet boyfriend!
  13. I like it! What a sweetie your bf is:smile: Happy Birthday, Jenn!
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