My new Dark Silver Metallic Wallet-on-Chain

  1. I got this from the lovely Lisa at NM Somerset - absolutely wasn't looking for it but I fell in love with the metallic sheen.

    First some detail pics of the bag. Slots for CCs in the back, a small zippered pocket in the front, and a small slit pocket behind the zippered pocket. Then a cute pocket on the back.

    The color looks different in different light, which is so cool. It's really a pinky bronze IRL to me - I think the last pic shows it best.
    ChanelDarkSilverMetallicReissueWall.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain001.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain002.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain003.jpg
  2. And now for some modeling pics. Can be worn a multitude of ways, which I love!!
    DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain004.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain005.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain006.jpg DkSilverMetallicWalletonChain007.jpg
  3. Sooo gorgeous!!! :tup: I love your modeling pictures too!!!
  4. beautiful! it looks great on you.

    may i ask how much it cost?
  5. I LOVE IT. It's sooooooooooo cute!!!! Can you share with us the measurements??? WOw, simply amazing!
  6. Great choice! It looks really nice on you.
  7. oh shoot, i think the SA misunderstood me. I originally wanted to buy this wallet-on-chain:

    but he kept saying there is a turnlock closure, then he goes there is a magnetic closure underneath? he told me to trust him, that he knows which one i'm talking about. :hrmm: should i call him tomorrow and correct him? or should i just leave it cus' he most likely sent it out already. which ones do you guys like better?
  8. the dark silver color is soo pretty! it looks so cute on you!
  9. Congrats!
  10. gorgeous!!
  11. congrats!! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats!!
  13. I love it! Thanks for all the great pics!
  14. Oh I really like it. It's a perfect alternative to a clutch if you need straps. hmmmm, how can I get my boyfriend to let me buy this one???
  15. Wow. what a beauty! I love the chain this way too! It's just a bit different from the regular DS reissue. Congrats!Great photos! :tup:

    Just wondering. This one comes with the reissure turn lock, but I saw another WOC in matellic black with the CC lock. What's the different in term of leather/price? TIA! ;)