My new Damier Speedy is TOOOO saggy

  1. I know everyone else really loves theirs, but I think I'm going to return mine. Even with a pursket and cardboard inside, it seems so much more slouchy than my monogram speedy - almost like the canvas is not as thick - I'm sad, but I think I'm going to return it - I just bought it on Saturday - I can return it right?
  2. Sorry to hear that you don't like it.:sad: Yes, you can still return it.
  3. I was sad - I thought I was going to love it and saved all month for it.
  4. Go to the dollar store and purchase a binder. Cut it to fit the bottom of your bag. It will NOT sag.
    Perhaps the carbaord you're using isnt strong enough. I have heard though the damier speedy isnt as think as the mono.
  5. I say save up a little more and get an epi speedy!
  6. I had very heavy cardboard in the bottom - it isn't really even the bottom that bothers me - the sides seem to cave in all over the place. Even with it full - it just seems to look wrinkled (and more than just the natural creases from it being stored at the boutique. It just looks messy - It's really weird - I LOVE my monogram speedy - have been using it for a year. Same size too.
  7. Aw charleston-mom, i'm sorry to hear you are not happy with you LV.
    I think you are doing the right thing by taking it back, as a LV is a bag that shoud last you a lifetime and if you not happy about it, or having doubts I think you should take it back. IMO you should LOVE your bag!
    I'm sure you will find a LV to suit you soon enough, and you will LOVE it!
  8. Sorry to hear. I guess you should find something you like more. What about the sayela?
  9. I'm sorry to hear this too :sad: . I'm a huge Saleya fan - yep maybe that's a good alternative!
  10. I'm sure you'll find something :smile:
  11. Huge Saleya fan here too! I was going to get a Damier Speedy but got the Saleya instead because it is more structured. :flowers:
  12. That is my biggest fear. I love the way the speedy looks just sitting there...:love: When it is pick up and it sags, it's a huge let down.:shame: :lol: I think I might save for an Epi.:girlsigh:
  13. Thanks everyone! I am going to look at the Saleya tonight.
  14. are u sure you bought the right purseket for your speedy? i am using a medium purseket and red cardboard i bought from officemax..and the bag is standing up great! i mean my friends always ask me how i can maintain the shape of the bag so well...i often get compliments...the canvas seems softer..but it can be easily managed..

    however, if u don't like it, i'd say go for one u like!
  15. Definitely return the bag if it's not to your standard. Find something else that would make you :yahoo: . I do :heart: my damier speedy 30, though:yahoo: . Goodluck!