My new Damier Speedy 25

  1. Yes, I finally got it! :love: Thanks to all of you who gave me advice & insight on it. I really wanted a 30 but I felt funny when I tried it on, mybe its just not me or maybe I need to work up to a 30.


    Would I be able to pull of carrying a 30???
  2. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  3. congrats!!! love the bag :love::love: and it looks good on you :yes:
  4. Congrats :nuts: and how tall are you? I'm 5'3" and I find that the damier speedy 25 looks the best on me while the 30 looks like a luggage next to my frame. It all depends I guess. Some shorter girls here love their 30 but I'm just not a bag-bag type of gal. :shrugs:
  5. Sooo beautiful!!! Congratulations on your baby!
  6. totally delish, congrats rica_apalma. i'm low 90 pounds, and 5'3"ish, and i wear my speedy 30 with pride. haha.
  7. congrats on your new bag! :love: 25 looks better, I'm 5'4 and 112lbs(or lighter..) IMO the 30 looks hideous on me:roflmfao: ..
  8. Hmm... I'm quite short and I carry a 30. Both the SA and I agree that 25 looks funny on me.

    I think you can pull off a 30.

    IMO it's neither height nor size factor of the carrier... It really depends on the individual.
  9. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Loveee Damier:love: 25 looks great on you honestly. Really it's personal preference, if you feel comfortable carrying the 30 then exchange it :yes:
  10. i love the damier 25, it looks fabulous on you!!!!! actually im goin to the lv store this week to try the 25 myself, who knows, maybe it'll be my first speedy!!!
  11. Congrats!!!!!
    I love your new Damier Speedy 25
  12. Congrats!
  13. congrats on your new speedy 25...i think the size is just right for look good together =)
  14. Great choice starting with a 25! You both look fabulous. As much as many love the 30, I find it's too big overall, but that's just IMO.

    Enjoy and carry it with pride!! XXXOO
  15. it looks great on you, congrats! :biggrin: