My new Damier Saleya PM - pics inside!!

  1. I went to Macys NYC this weekend armed with a bunch of gift cards, and came home with the Damier Saleya PM! :nuts:

    I wanted a larger and neutral colored bag for those times when my red Jasmin wasn't quite right. I have to admit I still love my Jasmin more, it's my first love! (shhhhh!)

    I like how the Saleya's hardware is nice and heavy, and the bag fits over my shoulder. Plus I love the red alcantara lining! LOL I'm just a sucker for red. :heart:

    Here are some pics! Enjoy!!


  2. great bag!! i've been eyeing one of those lately :graucho:
  3. :drool:
  4. i love it!! it's soo classy...and is that an hermes pocket square that you have on it??
  5. I love this bag:love: So cute with your scarf. You should post a pic of you modeling it!:yes:
  6. Congratulations! That is such a lovely bag...and I love the red alcantra lining just feels so luxe...hmmmm
  7. woohooo very very nice :smile:
  8. Absolutely stunning! Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!
  10. Very beautiful!
  11. :nuts: Congrats!!! You "dress" her well.:love:
  12. Congrats.
  13. It is beautiful. I too would LOVE to see pcis of you modelling the bag.:yes:
    The scarf seems to really add something specail to the Saleya, in particular.
    Lovely! Congrats!:love:
  14. I LOVE this bag, it is next on my list...except I think I'm getting in Azure. It's beautiful Mikan, enjoy!
  15. Just lovely! Congrats! :biggrin: