My new Damier Koala Agenda!...YUM!

  1. It is so gorgeous!!!! I absolutely love it! The only thing that somewhat bothers me is the fact that the hardware is sort of difficult to maintain. As you can see in a pic, it already has scuffs and I haven't even used it yet! I bought it like that and the SA warned it that it can easily scratch...:crybaby: . I just hope it doesn't get too bad! But it's just SO cute!!!!

    Oh, and I asked for a catalog when I was at the store and I got one!!!! Finally! :wlae:
    2.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg
  2. Pretty. Congrats! : )
  3. :nuts: Congrats!!! I LOVE the red interior:love:
  4. wow it looks just like the damier koala wallet!!
  5. Oh, it is beautiful! Congratulations! I love the inside!
  6. GORGEOUS!! I love it!
  7. Damier Koala Agenda is so CUTE!
    I also LOVE her, especially the RED inside!
    Congrats and Enjoy!
  8. I love your agenda, it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. So pretty! I love it! Congrats!!!
  10. TDF!! Love the red inside and the koala hardware.
  11. Ooh the red lining is tdf! Gongratulations!
  12. Oooh, it's really cute. I love the red lining. Congratulations
  13. you are on a roll!!! lol!!

    i love this!
  14. Hehe~~i have the same one!! Absolutley adore the red lining!!!!
  15. I love your agenda, I'm getting the same one this week. Can you beleive I called my local LV store to ask them if they had any in stock and she told me LV didn't make the damier agenda in the Koala. I told her that they did and explain to her the different colors that it came in.