My New Damier Koala Agenda + "Hawaii" Hibiscus Heatstamp

  1. Awhile back I posted about the "Hawaii" heatstamp and wondered if any other LV boutiques offered "location" heatstamping....and...I just got a Damier Koala Agenda...(I'm totally in love with the Koala lock & red interior!! :heart: ..) so I decided to go ahead and have her heatstamped with the HI flower and my initials....:nuts:

    I originally wanted the flower above the "made in" stamp, but I was told the plate where you slide the lock in was "in the way" and that the machine might break the lock if they tried to stamp there... oh well...

    I've got an order in with filofax for cardholders & zip pockets so I can use her as a wallet, too!

    I'm sooo happy!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for looking!! :flowers:

  2. Wow, love your stamping.:nuts:
    I've never heard of the "location" stamping, not sure if they even do it here:shame: .
  3. That is so cute .... can I send you something to heatstamp:nuts: I think Slayer here in Qld it would be beer, thongs & b-b-q symbol:smile:
  4. That's so cute...Hawaii stamp! I don't know if other LV's do location stamping. Might be a Hawaii only thing. :shrugs:

    Congrats on your new agenda!
  5. Congratz JunkenPo!!

    Love it!!!
  6. oooo wow! how super duper pretty!!! I want my stuff heatstamped!
  7. Congrats! Love it!! I wanna get something heatstamped too now, it's too cute!
  8. And! Best part is... the agenda fits in my Illovo!! :nuts:

    Along with a paperback, my camera (I put the case in the purse b/c I needed the camera to take these pictures!) my cellphone, and my keys... and I've a little more room if I needed a small something else, too!


  9. i love the heat stamping! looks great!
  10. I love the heat stamp! If I ever go to Hawaii, I will def. get one done :yes:
  11. I love it ! the heatstamp is beautiful ! :flowers:
  12. Oh wow, I didn't know location stamping existed? I also wonder what other countries have it? Would make such a good LV souvenir....

    And yours look amazing, the gold is really vibrant with a flower! I usually just see letters. I Love IT! :yahoo:
  13. wow the heatstamp is soo cute
  14. very nice. they don't have a special stamp for Australia as far as i know. but it would be nice if they added different signs and symbols to thier selection instead of just plain letters :yes:
  15. Congratulations Junkenpo! I love the Hawaii heatstamp!