My new Damier Graphite A4 cover bloc - Too flashy for a job interview?

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  1. A new A4 cover bloc for a new school year :smile:. Also thinking of bringing it to job interviews with bank/consulting firms. Thoughts? Too flashy? I intentionally avoided mono and thought of taiga but then DG has always been my personal favorite.


    Hotstamped with my initials and when "in action" :smile:. Any suggestions for a better notepad to go with the cover?

  2. i think it perfect!! classy and it will hold all the documents you might need in a interview!!!
  3. I would try to go as "neutral" as possible to a job interview. As we have seen on this forum, a lot of different people have "opinions" about LV whether it be good or bad. I would play it safe and go with something that doesn't have any designer identifiable characteristics.

    The interviewer could have a multitude of opinions about it. They could range from, " stylish!".... to "who do they think they are?"

    Better safe than sorry.
  4. I thought so too but honestly it was really hard to find a nice or at least decent-looking document holder/notepad cover like this one from LV. I need to do case studies for consulting interviews so a notepad is absolutely necessary; then I need some slits to hold my resumes and the interviewers' biz cards. I checked at some office supply stores but they all charge unreasonably high prices for some ugly-looking random leather folders. I'd rather pay a bit more to get this nicer looking LV.

    My regret now is that I should have got the taiga version since I suppose DG is still very regcognizable :sad:. This Montblanc one was actually perfect but what can I do - I love LV :sad:.
  5. I think you are ok especially interviewing with banking/consulting firms. I agree with you .. I would rather spend a little more and get something really nice. I think the damier ebene is still subtle. Good luck interviewing! :smile:
  6. 3 things can happen. A positive, indifferent, or negative reaction. Most likely an indifferent reaction would be the result.
  7. Lovely, but I have to agree with the earlier poster and say keep it neutral for a job interview.
    It's impossible to tell how the individual interviewers will react. I have been on interview panels before where interviewers reacted badly to 'designer' goods carried by the interviewee.
    Make the focus your skills and what value you can bring to the job. Not your leather goods.
  8. You bought it, you paid a lot for it, you love it... USE IT! I always think it's silly to spend so much money on these things only to feel like they need to be hidden away. All of us here clearly recognize the DG, but I promise that if the person looking at it isn't into LV, then they have no idea... and if they are into LV, then they'll probably like it!
  9. Normally, I would agree with this. Normally, I have a "I don't care what people think of my bag because it is my money". However, in a job interview, their judgment of you can either get you a job or cost you a job. In these types of situation, you need to worry about the interviewers perceptions of you.

    Once you get the job- who cares where it whenever you want. So, there is absolutely no waste of money. You will get loads of use out of it.:smile:
  10. Also, I disagree that the interviewer will not be able to recognize it as LV. I work in a law firm and the lawyers would VERY easily recognize this. I doubt bankers are any different.

    I am sorry if I am being blunt. I just want you to have the best possible chances at the job!!! :smile:
  11. I'd be curious to know what brand these leather goods were? LV? BV? Celine?
  12. Various, including LV, Lulu Guiness and McQueen.
  13. Hi microwave (feels a little odd addressing the appliances)

    I don’t know if you should use your cover bloc during interviews, I don’t think it’s too flashy but we don’t know what your interviewer is thinking so I can’t say one way or another.

    What I wanted to say is that your cover is gorgeous and I’m glad you followed your heart and got what you really wanted. The interview is only one day, the rest of the time you can use your beautiful cover, it doesn’t look too flashy, it looks elegant, cool and sharp. Enjoy! :cool:
  14. i think it's subtle enough for an interview!
  15. I think it's fine. I'm from NY and seeing and carrying designer goods is no big deal, at least to me. So I would and have carried a LV bag to an interview because it's all I had. The interviewer frankly doesn't care.