My New Damier Géant Mage!!!

  1. Hey guys, well if some of you have been keeping track of me you might know how much i been nagging about getting my mage since i joined tpf, well i been nagging about getting one since i first saw it on an asian guy at the mall when i was like 12 i forgot completely about it untill i saw it again i had to wait 2 months for my sa to get it into the small boutique inside of Saks but today its finally mine, its just perfect no words to descrive and it comes with free goodies...
    everyone do the happy dance with me:happydance:
    guess what my next purchase will be?
    happy new year:drinkup:

  2. Congrats. :smile:

    I've always wondered what it looks like inside...
  3. OHHH OMG I WAS WONDERING IF U WERE GETTING IT!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! haha ITS SO Beautiful! The colour is soooo nice too! Is you next purchase the taiga dimitri is it? :graucho:
  4. thanx the inside is TDF look at this detail shot...
  5. thanx, hmm nope the dimitri is no longer on my list i'll give you some hints tough its hard solid and timeless...
    but than again who knows i wouldn't mind a dimitri...
  6. congrats!! soo good to find something that youve been looking for for awhile! :yahoo:
  7. wow thats nice... congratzzzz
  8. I like this bag, congrats!!! but I have a question how to use this bag?
    I meant it looks flat, so you could only use those pockets inside of the bag?
    Could you show me how to use it...what will you carry in the bag? thanks
  9. Question: Are those card slots below the trademark heat stamp? Or what are they? :shrugs:
  10. hey thanx i cant take pics right now but i'll try to add some refrence pics, however i will tell you how to use it it has an adjustable strap so you can carry it aross the chest eather on the front or back and it's pretty light weight since its made out of fabric and it has aluminium hardware it is about 2 inches thick so you could fit like a wallet of sunglasses or any kind of flat stuff, keep in mind that it is more like a big wallet! and comes with a 6 card holder and check book or cash holder hope this helps...
  11. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    Yah, it is TDF! And I would do happy dance with you for sure!:party:
    Enjoy and Happy New Year to you. :drinkup:
  12. no they are not card slots the 2 wallets that come with have 15 slots tough, they are deep pockets for pasport documents or whatever they come down all the way down the little mesh pocket...
  13. Congrats, enjoy!! Its so different, and I love different things. Its so nice, love the color.
  14. Congrats!!! I think this one could be last in this colour coz its discountinued!!!

    Hard solid and timeless... Maybe: smth hardsided like suitcase or beauty case? or watch?
  15. its a nice unique piece, congrats! ;)

    i really adore your wallpaper!!! ;) do u mind telling me where u got it?