My new daisy doo Alison van der lande bag!

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  1. It's lovely! has contrast pink stitching and pink interior. Leather is very supple - bit more slouchy than I expected but it's perfect. The service was excellent- ordered it on monday morning and arrived Tuesday!

    IMG_0410 (2) - small (2).jpg

    IMG_0421 (2) - small (2).jpg [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  2. Congrats your bag is beautiful and looks PERFECT on you!! How is the weight of the bag? And btw, I love the color and the pink lining with it is adorable. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks for your lovely comments -
    It weighs approx 2lbs (on my bathroom scales so not sure how accurate they'll be!)
  4. Congrats, it looks lovely on you.
  5. Great choice. This is a designer I've had my beady eye on for a while now - enjoy!
  6. Lovely, I've also been eyeing these bags for a while.