My New Cutie!

  1. My friend (PF member Fesdu) got me this cutie :love: :love: ! DH saw it and said it looked just like our dog :hrmm: .
  2. Very nice friend!

    What kind of dog do you have?

    Also, what color is your leather...I must have missed that color when you posted it. It sure is pretty.
  3. That's so cute!!! :biggrin:
  4. Wow!!! What are the specs?? Do share and congrats!!
  5. Bhahahahaha, my dog looks like that too Jehaga! He's sooo overweight I feel like he's gonna explode sometimes :graucho:

    That's a really cute hippo charm. What's on the other side? Is it plain also?
  6. I have a 35 lb Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He's really cute, but he and DH have some kind of alpha male thing going on.
    The other side of hippo is a deep burgundy color.
    The kelly that the cutie is hanging on is Hermes R in clemence (at least that's what I think it is. The SA just told me "bull calf")
  7. Very cute!
  8. Love it! Congrats!!!!
  9. very cute!! i love hippos
  10. Is the bag new - is that what you're talking about too?? I'm a little confused!
  11. I love it!

    It's so cute!
  12. i think she's talking about the green hippo charm that is hanging from her bag

  13. My maltese/shih tzu/X mix is around 28lbs. I always say he has an X breed in him, coz he's SO BIG! There is no way a maltese/shih tzu can be that big.

    LOL @ the alpha male thing. My dog shows me exactly that HE's the boss, not me, not my mom, not my dad. In fact, my dad is like a slave to him, he knows exactly where to push my dad's buttons to get what he wants :lol: And he ALWAYS get them.

    The other side is purple? Wow, how cute! I really love these leather charms. I have a heart one that is hanging on my kelly. I wanna purchase more, perhaps an animal this time.
  14. I want a charm!! How cute! It makes me smile!:biggrin:
  15. Yeah, they really run circles around us!!

    What colors are your heart charm? Now I wanna get another one for my birkin!