My new custom-made garnet and diamond pendant *pics*

  1. This is my first thread in the Jewelry subforum!

    The story: when I was 21, many years ago, my mom gave me an 18k white gold ring with a green tsavorite garnet solitaire. I didn't wear it very often, mainly because the only finger it fit on was my left-hand ring finger.

    Anyway, I got engaged and we decided to use this ring for my diamond. Took out the garnet and set it aside to be repurposed in a pendant someday. Three weeks ago I FINALLY got around to doing this (I've been married for two years lol).

    I went to my very favorite jeweler in the world, Derco Diamonds in San Francisco. Picked out the setting and had them make it for me. It just arrived today and I LOVE IT! :heart: I am going to see my mom on Saturday and wear this necklace, she will be very surprised.




    the end :smile:
  2. It looks beautiful!!! Lovely color.

    What does your ring look like...the one you took the stone from and used for your er????
  3. Oh, how gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Here is a pic of my engagement ring, it's a very unique and cool setting, IMO. Purchased in 1994 from now-defunct Laffoon's Jeweler's in Seattle. The diamond (from Derco) is a marquis-cut stone, H (near colorless), only 1/3 carat but the cut makes it look bigger than it is.
  5. another pic, including how it looked with the garnet before it was cleaned and polished and reset with my diamond.
    ering_3.jpg ring_2.jpg
  6. I love your necklace a lot. It's such a gorgeous color.
  7. Very cool! I love the way both pieces came out. And you're so right... that diamond looks WAY bigger than 1/3 ct.!!!! :yes:
  8. Thank you! I think it's kinda funny that it will be constantly mistaken for an emerald :biggrin:
  9. it is beaufiful!
  10. I love your tsavorite! It's so rare to see them in that size; they're usually tiny!
  11. Congrats!!! Very pretty necklace!!! I got my engagement ring from Derco at the Gift Center!!! I don't live in the Bay Area anymore, but I was visiting SF and discovered that Derco had a store at the Westfield Mall right outside of Bloomies. As I was talking to them, they said that I could have my engagement ring cleaned and have the band polished for free, so I took advantage of it and the ring came back looking brand new even though I've had it for 8 yrs!! Love them!!!
  12. Jane, your necklace and ring are beautiful. I love how you've set the garnet, and your e-ring band is very unique.
  13. Great job on both!! I think the garnet looks way better as a necklace piece. It really shows the beautiful colour!!
  14. I agree. Great job on both. Two 1 of a kinds, how wonderful.
  15. It's beautiful!