My new Crush

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  1. I got the Lemon Crush from Luna Boston which was on sale. It's super cute! I already have the Rocker in steel but I really liked the Lemon a lot too so I finally purchased this little bag.

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  2. ohh it's such a cute little purse! does it hold much? perhaps a mod shot ;) thanks!!
  3. cute! i love this bag
  4. The Crush is really small much smaller than the MAC or Rocker. It can hold a phone, keys, lip gloss or lipstick and small wallet like my LAMB key chain wallet. You can check out my bag photo album for reference of the LAMB key chain/wallet in case you want to see it.
    This bag is perfect for traveling overseas to put your passport, keys, phone and a lip glosss. The great thing about this bag is the chain aspect too because sometimes when you go to Europe or travel a great deal overseas they tell you to be careful if you carry a cross body leather bag with a leather strap because thieves can come up next to you with a pair of scissors and snip it off. The chain prevents this or can cause more problems if someone tries to steal this bag off of you.
  5. This is a problem I wish I had...! :smile:
  6. I love the Crush.. how much you can fit in this bag?
  7. Lovely lil purse!
  8. See my response above. It's quite small but big enough to fit some small essentials.
  9. cuuuuuuute.
  10. So cute!! I have been eyeing this bag from afar as well.... :drool:

    I think it's be perfect for going out at night, too.
  11. Such a cutie!
  12. This cutie is adorable! Enjoy!!!