My new credit card holder!

  1. I'm on a purse ban right now but this doesn't count, does it? :graucho:

    I've been looking for this credit card wallet forever, I think it's the precious symbols credit card wallet?

    I LOVE this CC wallet, it fits all the essentials and I'll be carrying this when I carry my classic flap or smaller purse.


  2. VERY cute!

    If you get a minute, could you post it and the info w/ it in the Accessories thread in the Reference LIbrary?
    I don't think we have this yet!
  3. oh,taht is very cute! i love the embossing!
  4. Hey snazzy little holder, very nice!!
  5. I love it! There's always something to buy at Chanel, isn't there? :heart:
  6. It's sweet!! That line is so cute. Congratulations on your great find, Honu!
  7. LOVE!!!!! May I ask how much and where did you get it? Thanks!
  8. Congrats.
  9. imgg - I called the 1-800 number and the person on the phone was so nice, she took my number and a SA called me back from the Beverly Hills store. It was $175.
  10. Congrats, its so cute! :yahoo:
  11. This does not apply to your purse ban... This little item is very cute and very fulfilling!!!
  12. I love the card holder. Its so sweet, and so chanel.
  13. sooo cute!
  14. Honu, it's beautiful!!!!! Enjoy!
  15. Def. does not aply the ban ;) but super cute! Congrats!
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