My New Cream Paddington

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  1. I got home from taking a super hard exam today and my conceirge says to me "package for you." It was my new paddy from New York Chloe Boutique!!! I opened the package right there at the front desk! I am so excited not I have to see if i can attach it right so you ladies can see it! I think that I have the same color as Superbaby. This is the spring 2006 collection in cream. What do you ladies think???

    O, how do I do this, I tried to attach but it says

    "Your file of 678.6 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 195.3 KB for this filetype."

    What can I do, VLad anyone?
  2. you have to resize it!!!! man, am i the only one around here who knows how to use photoshop?!!! hurrrrryyyyyy
  3. oops I meant to put this in the handbag forum, maybe this one can be erased? Sorry i will put it in the other.

  4. I do not have photoshop, just using my iPhoto in my mac.
  5. aaaaaaw if i had iphoto i'd teach you lol.
  6. Don't feel bad...I'm in the same boat. Can't post any of my own photos because I can't resize them....
  7. i think there are some free downloads you can do, IrfanView is one of them. try that! it's relatively easy to use too. and you can easily resize.
  8. I will try that thanks.
  9. wow that looks too hard, I am not good at computers, i can sign online and thats it. the only reason i can download to my computer is because all i do is put the plug and and it does the rest. i am sad i really wanted to show it to everyone.
  10. Madeline

    In your digital camera, there is an option for you to choose the resolution of the pics. Choose the 640 x 480 size. Then take the pics again. I reduce the size of the pic to that size and i am able to upload my paddy pictures.

    Try that.
  11. Okay I do not see that option only symbols on the camera. Maybe if I could email someone the pic they could post it. I wanted to show everyone, after all that stress i had with the color.
  12. HAHAHA... Email it to me. I can do it for you. :lol:

    At least, i think i can. Let me try.. I'll send u PM for my email addy. :amuse:
  13. I have sent it to Superbaby, hopefully she can get it. Thanks for all of your help Superbaby and everyone!
  14. Here you go Madeline!

    It looks the same as mine... :amuse:
  15. Thanks SuperBaby, i think we do have the same color, i was so glad to see that it was the same, i had admired yours when you posted your pics.