My new cream flap ****PICS***

  1. I've been wanting a cream flap since forever. Since I couldn't get my hands on the dark white reissue, I figured this would be the next best thing.

    I was in Boston last week and of course had to visit Chanel at Neiman's. In the display window was this gorgeous classic lambskin cream flap with the new chain. I tried it on and that was it. :heart::heart: It looks so much better IRL. I LOVE the new chain and the leather is TDF. I could not get a good shot of the purse, but here is the best I can do. I also bought two more pair of sunglasses and the white J12 watch, which will be here next week. :wlae:

  2. Oooo, it is totally droolicious!!! I have the cavier cream jumbo, but I have to say that lambskin is my all time favorite! Congrats on all your goodies! Don't forget to post some modeling pics when you have a chance.
  3. Here's a couple modeling pics.

  4. congrats IMGG!
    I absolutely love it!
    You look great btw!
  5. And here are my new sunnies....[​IMG][​IMG]
  6. You are probably a lot smarter to go with caviar! I've heard so many horror stories about light color lambskin, but I just couldn't resist. Does yours have the new chain?
  7. congrats! i love the new chain. i also bought the white e/w in caviar. your new bag is gorgeous

  8. Oooooh, those modeling pics of you and that yummylicious lambskin flap are killing me here!!! :love:
    I already have a black lambskin flap, so I decided to get a caviar one instead. I know that my heart would definitley jump for the lambskin cream flap if there was one at that time...oh well.

    Yes, the one that I have is in the new chain....still drooling over your lambskin flap here...:drool:
  9. Thank you so much!
  10. Thanks! Did you post a picture of your new bag? I would love to see it!!
  11. Seriously, I think this may be my favorite Chanel bag. I did not hesitate one bit. Usually, it takes me a while to make up my mind, but it was instant love. I am really excited to use her. I just hope I can keep the leather clean.

    Did you post pics of your new bag???!!!
  12. :heart:Wow that's gorgeous!
  13. no, i haven't posted picture of it.
    btw, do you mind me asking how much your bag was? i think i should have at least one classic flap in lambskin, so far, all my flaps are in caviar. tia
  14. Thank you Mon!
  15. I believe it was $2150.00

    You definitely should get a lambskin flap! Black might be easier to take care of, but the ivory is just so pretty!

    I hope you post pics of your e/w bag! I am dying to see it!