My new convertible necklace

  1. I have been looking for a convertible necklace and I just bought this one. It's diamonds, pink sapphires, and yellow sapphires in an 18K setting. Just wanted to share!


  2. that's adorable, congrats!!
  3. WOW!! The necklace looks fantastic. Congrats on your new find. :yes:
  4. WOAHHHH! how neat is that necklace?!?! love it!
  5. I love your necklace; it's gorgeous. I bet you turn heads when you're wearing it. :smile:
  6. What a brilliant idea, never seen one of them before.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. It's brilliant! Love it!
  9. woah thats awsome!! ive never ever seen a necklace do that before!
  10. Oh,thats real cute. I never seen anything like that before.
  11. Thanks, everyone. A woman at my office has one, and hers is all diamonds. I thought it was so pretty that I started looking for one, but they are hard to find. I just love it.
  12. OH WOW!! That's so cool!
  13. Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the stones! I never heard of a convertible necklace. Have I been living under a rock??? What a great idea! Enjoy that beauty!
  14. If you look carefully, you'll see that the two outermost "petals" have magnets on the outside edge. The magnets hold the medallion in the closed position. You pull them apart to wear it in the extended style.
  15. What a fabulous idea! Are these types of necklaces common?