My new continental wallet in LIMO and zip coin purse in EBANO

  1. Oh my gosh, I love BV accessories! I’ve never used a continental style wallet before, so it seems quite large to me… Whatever shall I put in all those compartments? I looked at the French style at the boutique, but the continental just seemed nicer. And the zip coin purse – my very helpful SA (Sonia at the Rodeo drive location) highly recommended that I get one. She says she’s really enjoying hers. I must say I love it as well!
    bvcontwallet.JPG bvzipcoin.JPG
  2. I have the exact same wallet sweetie and will be getting the coin purse too. Great choices and congratulations!
  3. they are beautiful! I have the coin purse in Limo and a wallet in black, but I like your 2 browns better. You will enjoy them so much!
  4. So beautiful! I can't wait until thursday when I go to pick out my wallet!!
  5. I have the french wallet and aim to get the continental too (once you start, you just can't stop). There's just something about BV's intrecciato continental wallets that are so irresistible, yeah? IMO, you have gotten the best of BV's classic dark and light colours. Dont you just love that the Ebano is so luscious while the Limo is the perfect neutral?

    Congrats and enjoy!
  6. All of these wallet threads have me so excited to purchase my new BV wallet. I'm still undecided between the continental and the all around zip. I can see upsides of each. I guess i'll just have to see them in person and go with my gut!

    congrats again!!!
  7. :nuts:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ya Limo Continental!! I want something, anything in Limo too!! :p

    P/s I'd be too excited to sit still if I were in ya shoes, beauxgoris!
  8. ^^I AM - I can't wait until thurday. I'm so worried that i'll go to Saks and they'll be sold out of the wallet(s).

    Look for my post on thursday!! : )
  9. We'll be looking to see what you decided!!:yes:
  10. Beautiful wallet, I have a big wallet from a different designer and it's really useful--love the many compartments!
    Great color choices on both :yes:
  11. Both are lovely! Congrats and enjoy!