my new, COLORFUL, shoes

  1. I spotted these last night and fell in love! :biggrin:
    IMG_8091.jpg IMG_8092.jpg IMG_8094.jpg IMG_8098.jpg IMG_8100.jpg
  2. heres two more
    IMG_8103.jpg IMG_8104.jpg
  3. I haven't seen those before. cute!
  4. are these new? as in just released?
  5. So cute! I love Barretts, I might have to get these!
  6. So cute!!! I smell new Scribble!!!!! :heart:
  7. I love them!!! Congrats!
  8. Adorable - I almost picked them up at the store yesterday - but my little ones were with me and they are making me stick to my ban until April. :police: Very cute buy!! Congrats:girlsigh:
  9. I love mine too!!!! I wear them a lot!
  10. They're so cute!! :heart:
  11. Ahhh they're gorgeous!! I love them!!
  12. These are perfect for spring and summer!
  13. Those are super cute!!! I'd be too worried about keeping them clean tho!! But I Love the colors!!!!
  14. I love them too! Super cute!

    I saw a girl last night at the pizza place with a really great pair of Orange (color of the season) Coach tennies.
  15. nice, congrats!