My New Collection!

  1. Okay I've went from owning one coach item to 16 since the first week of February!
    The cardinal red purse was my first Coach purse. Not sure of the style name.

    I don't have an expensive collection like many that I've seen on here. I haven't made it to the point where I'm able to justify or afford buying 300+ purses like some of you guys, though seeing some of your collections have been an inspiration! =)

    Just wanted to share with you guys =)

    P.S. Thanks goes out to the boyfriend for taking the time to set up my purses and take the pics!

  2. Awesome collection! I love that Legacy French Purse all the way on the right...too cute:heart:
  3. your collection is already huge and well rounded! here's to seeing 16 more!
  4. You have a lovely Collection..I agree very well rounded

  5. Great choices - love the French wallet!
  6. Love your collection! Some of them are older style, aren't they? I like the older styles better.
  7. Awesome collection for five weeks:smile:
  8. AWESOME collection! I had to laugh that you went from 1 to 16 in a matter of weeks. LOL It's soooo addicting!

    Enjoy your bags and have fun adding to your collection.
  9. Nice collection! Love the Legacy items and the red! Pretty!
  10. OMG, I first have to say (because I've been wanting to say it) that your puppy is so freakin' CUTE!
    Okay:back2topic: Your collection rocks! Only 5 weeks - super impressive! I love that french wallet, yummy.
  11. Beautiful collection with great diversity! Is that the red or crimson ipod case?
  12. Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Very nice!!
  14. great variety in your collection.
  15. Lovely! You will need to build more closest room first if you keep adding at this rate!