My new collection reveal...


Nov 27, 2006
Here is my handbag story, but first the photo, sorry its not perfect but my story will tell it all!!

Right at the top is Salvatore Ferragamo medium shoulder bag. I LOVE LOVE it!! Its so so dressy and can be worn as crossbody. It looks very stunning in-person with leather interiors so much so that I debated buying a black or navy blue with red interior that I could use more often. Still debating...

Left of the SF is Michael Kors. I bought it when I couldn't find a good crossbody after years of Nine West, but it didn't fit my stuff and my sunglasses kept falling out. I wanted to return it but had used too much to return, I haven't purchased another MK since.

The yellow bag is Loewe Flamenco. It is pricey but the leather is buttery soft, handbag is very light and easy to use with crossbody. I am concerned that the leather will get messy soon due to light color so I plan to baby it. Good thing is I bought this bag before Loewe's new site launch, the new site is horrible!

The purple one is Proenza Schouler PS1, my first designer bag. I loved the Berry/Lilac color better but got this on sale at Bergdorf's. I am still debating whether I should replace this with something else.

The black one in the leftmost corner is Rag & Bone pilot clutch. Its my daily use bag and gets a lot of beating but is still going strong. It fits all my stuff and is crossbody, very easy to use. The only issue is that sometimes things tend to fall out if I bend the wrong way.

I am in love with Salvatore Ferragamo bags and leather. I never even considered this bag before. Someone here recommend SF Sofia so I made a trip to the store and fell in love with it, before that it wasn't even on my radar despite having a store walking distance from my apartment! I didn't like Sofia's zip so went for this one instead.

I was thinking of my first LV or Prada or Gucci or Chanel or Dior. I don't get the Chanel love, its such a basic bag. I like their biege jumbo but not enough to buy it yet. Dior has gorgeous colors but the ones I like aren't crossbody - I have infant twins that keep me busy so I need my hands free!!! Prada I love the Double Bag but the prices seem too high, I will wait for sale. Gucci I can't get over the canvas interiors, seems too cheap to me. As for LV, I can't get over the canvas aspect either, and everyone and their mother owns LV. I hate their brown bags, the Vernis is attractive enough but every time I have walked into the LV flagship and other stores they just don't care, customer service is awful, so I didn't care to buy either. Bottega Veneta I liked but they had dull colors for the specific bag that I liked so I passed.

My question is, should I replace the PS1 with something like LV? The prices are very different but I am not sure. I really like Vernis but its so so common! And I am not that much into monogrammed bags, I would probably feel a tad embarrassed carrying it everyday!

I recently got into designer handbags - previously I could not muster the courage to spend $$$$$ on a handbag, but now I love them and want to own more and more. As you can see I went on a shopping spree and my husband was literally going crazy at the huge credit card bill! So no more than 1 handbag every few months!
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Feb 21, 2012
I love your collection!
And.... If I were you, I would keep the PS1, the colour is gorgeous!
As for LV, there are lovely models... Difficult to make a choice.
Take your time...I personally like the mono Neverfull but I heard the Epi line is great too.


May 29, 2007
I think you have a great collection! The PS1 is a great color and very distinctive, so no, I would not trade it in for an LV.