My new Cole Haan Nike Air shoes. I'm in love!

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  1. I found these at Nordstrom Rack (Potomac Mills, VA) for $80. They only had one pair and it was my size, but in Narrow...but I'm trying to stretch them a bit. I still love love love them.

    And because they were even comfortable while too tight, I decided to buy the same in black (NOT narrow) from Neiman Marcus. They came yesterday and they fit PERFECTLY. I ordered my regular size (8.5) and they are so awesome. I can't wait to wear them to work.


    And FINALLY, I found these on eBay. I was a bit scared of the thin heel (I don't wear high heels much) but these are still very, very comfortable. I think I'll have to wear them around a bit to get used to the heel, but I really like them!!


    I am in :heart: with this line!!!!!
  2. I love Cole Haans! They are so practical for work, and the Nike Air is fantastic!
  3. What cute shoes...and comfy too. Great buys! Enjoy!
  4. I have a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air heels (narrow heels) and they are very comfortable. They are 4 inches high but I've walked for hours in those. No blisters, rubbing, or achy feet (well, a little bit ;) but not too bad) whatsoever! :tup:

    Enjoy your cute AND comfortable shoes!
  5. I just tried on a pair of Cole Haan Air Carma Slingbacks....OMG they were sooo comfortable, the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! I am also in love :love: I am not a fan of slingbacks but I would love to get a pair of pointed toe pumps. Or two....maybe three :graucho:
  6. I've been meaning to get a pair of Cole Haans - cute and comfortable is hard to come by for me so I will check those out!
  7. shoe pumps? this i gotta see.
  8. I love love love Cole Haan -- one of my favorite brands for the sheer comfort and classic designs. The Nike Air shoes are great but even their regular shoes are so comfy. I buy multiples of shoes in different colors because they are so perfect to wear to work. Great buys!
  9. $80! WOW :nuts: That's an amazing deal! I live near Potomac Mills - did they have any more left? Or other styles? I only recently discovered the Nike Air collection, and when I tried one on in the store I loved it so much that I paid full price - which I never do. But they are sooo kind to your feet! And the styles are classic and feminine. I'm a huge fan.

    Someone posted this on the Deals & Steals ... $50 off $200 in Cole Haan stores this weekend...
  10. OMG I just got the exact same pair.. except mine wasn't $80 :sad: that's a really good deal!!!

    Cole Haan Nike Air is like god-sent! they're super comfortable.. love it :smile:
  11. I tried on the Cole Haan Nike Air in the basic patent peep toe pump and I have been wanting them ever since, sooo comfortable. Congrats on your find!
  12. I went to the Cole Haan store to try on Carma peep toe pumps and the size was too big so I ordered a size 4.5 in the Fiona medium pump and Carma peep toe black calf. For a 3" pump the Fiona was really comfortable.

    I automatically got the $50 off of each pair of shoes for the sale. My next Cole Haan would have to be a red patent Fiona pump or red calf peep toe, if they can find any in my size :p
  13. These have become both my Mom's and my absolute favorite shoes! She has horrible bunions and is in constant pain and these are the only shoes she can walk in! They are so bloody comfortable and stylish which is a hard combo. I own about 6 pairs...heel,flats,sandals etc and plan to buy many more!
  14. I just heard from my Cole Haan SA that they're coming out with a Fiona boot for Fall/Winter...I just hope that they have a zip ankle boot, that will definitely be something I'll have to get :yes: