My new Coach!

  1. Some of you guys were talking about an extra 30% off at DSW on Deals & Steals forum so I went today and scored a pair of these Coach wedges for $49! Woo Hoo!

    Coach shoe.jpg

    Coach Lannine.jpg
  2. oooh, those are super cute! and for $49??? bargain!
  3. pretty. and $49? can't beat that.:yes:
  4. Wow! That's a deal.. I see Coach at my local DSW but I didn't think the deals were that great until I saw your post!
  5. Those are adorable! Great price too. Man I need to check out my DSW.
  6. I think they are $70 now b/c their sticker price was $100 but it was on sale for 30% off then they had an additional 30% off for labor day sale.
  7. omg that totally is a steal!
    im a sucker for coach shoes, those are beautiful!! congrats!!
  8. Beautiful!!! You did good!:smile:
  9. Sweet, those look fabulous! Are they comfy?
  10. wow those are niice!! congrats
  11. Wonderful! Coach shoes are the best. Enjoy!
  12. clanalois,
    I only tried them on and walked around back and forth inside my house and they felt comfortable. lol!!! I didn't get to wear them out yet but I'll wear them out this Friday since I have casual Fridays at work. Can't wait to show off my new Coach sandals!
  13. I love those shoes. What a deal--enjoy.
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