My new Coach....

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  1. Soooo.... my bf went on a surprise trip to the Coach outlet tonite...


    HE BOUGHT ME A NEW BAG!!!!!!!!

    Here is my new Mini Signature Weekender Carryall!

    I love it! I needed a new everyday bag... well maybe I didn't NEED it... but it's nice to have!

  2. I love this bag!!!! Congrats!
  3. What a cute tote! It's so classic! It will never go out of style! Congrats!!! What an awesome BF you have!!!
  4. :yahoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: awww I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to go to the outlet this weekend. CONGRATS!!!! :yahoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  5. awww thank you guys!
  6. classy bag - that will never be out of style!! Great choice
  7. Love it! Your bf has great taste.
  8. Aw thanks guys!! Yes my bf is GREAT! I can't wait to take this bag out! I am in LOVE with it!
  9. What a wonderful boyfriend you have! Congrats, that's going to be a great everyday all-purpose bag!
  10. Awww!! How sweet of him!!! That will be a super great functional bag for you... saw your collection also, your MK bag and sig stripe ipod case are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! And, so rarely do any of us NEED a new bag but tpf wouldn't exist without people like us! Congrats again!
  11. Thank you Tygerkitty and lunatwinkle!
  12. GORGEOUS! He has great taste! I need to get to the outlet!!!!!!

  13. i love it!!
  14. Very nice! Looks like a perfect everyday tote!
  15. I love it, it's perfect for the spring/summer.... now you have to geta cute keychain for it! congrats on having a super sweet bf...