My new Coach - yay for the new forum!

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  1. Hey ladies, I just got this bag yesterday and am really excited about it! It's a cute little gold and white zebra pochette. At first I was a little worried that the bag would look too small on me, but I think it's loud enough to stand out :biggrin: It's really light and nice for the few summer essentials I carry. I've resolved to cut down my handbag expenditures so this will be my last purse this summer, but I think it's a fun choice!
    ebay 074.jpg
  2. Congrats.
  3. Nice one! I saw that and thought it was so cute!
  4. I just got the matching wallet for that bag, it arrived in the mail yesterday. It's so cute, it matches my suede daphne satchel perfectly (which is why I got it). The pochette is really cute, how much can you fit in it?
  5. That is very cute!! :yes: :biggrin:
  6. I could never pull that off but it's hot! post pictures with it on your arm
  7. Hot bag, love the pattern!
  8. If you like 1) zebra, 2) straw and 3)totes, then the Coach outlet is calling your name. They've got zebra patterned straw totes there, and the price is decent (IIRC, under $200) if that's your thing.
  9. cute!
  10. cute.:smile:
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. Congrats! I saw that bag IRL and it's too cute.
  13. Cute!
  14. i like it, very cute!
  15. That's so pretty! And those top-handle pouches hold A LOT more than it would seem...enjoy!
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