My new Coach Wallet! Chelsea Optic C Zip Around Accordion Wallet.

  1. Hi Ladies! I haven't purchased Coach in quite some time.. It's really hard for me to buy Coach stuff at retail because I used to be an SA a few years ago. I automatically deduct the discount in my head. I did have a gift certificate so that made it more bearable.

    I have always wanted to try out the zip around wallets but I was just waiting for Coach to come out with a pattern I liked and I think this is it! She's just so pretty. I am applegarding her now so she's hang drying in my bathroom waiting for her 2nd coat!
  2. It's very pretty! Congrats!
  3. Very pretty...I was admiring that fabric in the store on Saturday...I think a satchel in that may be my next purchase!
  4. Very nice,congrats. I love the color
  5. congrats!
  6. It's gorgeous! I love the optic print.
  7. Great choice... I love how it looks in white... :smile:
  8. WOW, I'm crazy jealous right now. I love just about love anything optic and in those colors especially! So pretty :heart:
  9. Congrats!
    That is one of the best colors in the optic pattern IMO. I love it!
  10. what's appleguard and what does it do to the fabric?
  11. Very pretty congrats~
  12. Very nice, congrats
  13. Congrats on the wallet its fabulous!
  14. Very nice! Congrats!
  15. Thanks so much! I'm so happy I can share my goodies and get some appreciation.. I guess it's just natural that when you get something new that you want other people to think it's cute too.. I wish you could all work with me.. I work in a field where there's no appreciation for this kinda thing!

    Shroom ~ Applegarde is just like and Rain/ Water and Stain repellant.. Kinda like scotchguard?