My new Coach "V" charm...

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  1. For awhile now, I've lusted after Coach's initial charms. I love anything monogram, but it's sometimes hard to find a "V"... So, I knew I had to get one of these!

    (I did a little damage to my credit card at the Northbrook Court mall in the 'burbs this weekend... :P) Right now, I'm using my new "V" charm as a keychain, but I think I'll attach it to my vintage Willis... It's just so darn cute! And since my nickname is "V" and I :heart::heart::heart: anything pink, this is perfect for me...

    Just had to brag a little! ;)
  2. Ooh, I love those colors on the "V" too--so pretty! Congrats on your new purchase!!
  3. I just love my "A" charm - good for you, very nice!:tup:
  4. So cute... I love the colors!! congrats!! :smile:
  5. Great Charm in a pretty color! I would use an M and I didn't like the colors they used.
  6. wow, such pretty colors!
  7. Congrats!

    I love my "S" charm because it is favorite color!
  8. Didn't mean to: Where did you find your "A" charm? I have four kids: Andrew, Anna, Abigail & Alyssa and I think an "A" would be fun to hang on my black sig duffle. Thoughts? Does it only come in Pink?
  9. Awesome it is very pretty ! They are so fun. I love my "K" charm, it is pink and red on one side and blue and dark purple and red on the other side so it is versatile. Right now i have it on my "Mist" leather hobo with the red and pink side out. My husband got it for me for mother's day.
  10. Congrats - very pretty
  11. i saw one A at the outlet for 9.99 and a gazillion x's and q's
  12. Really nice! I wanted to get an "M" one when they first came out, but M was constantly on backorder
  13. Bummer, I'm 3 hours from an outlet...
  14. Tooo cute! i got a 'L' and i love it i need an M and an N
  15. I hear ya... And my outlet never had any M's either, I finally broke down and got one on ebay.