My New Coach Sunnies - pic!!

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  1. As promised here's a pic of my new Coach sunnies - Kierstin's in Plum Horn - got these at TJ Maxx for $59.99!!

    Also, here's a pic of all 3 pair of my Coach sunnies - Lexi's in Burgandy (also bought at TJ Maxx for $59.99), Kierstin's in Plum Horn and Peony's in Striped Tortoise ( Ebay for under $100).

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  2. Wow, that style is at TJ's already!:wtf: My TJ rarely gets anything Coach!:sad:
    Love them!
  3. Great find! I love them, congrats! I wish the TJ Maxx by me would get Coach sunnies.
  4. Thats awesome! Love em and what a deal!
  5. I recently got Lexi's also in burgundy and Lori's in tortie at TJ's for $59.99 each.
  6. Those are so cute! Great deal!
  7. I went to my local TJ Maxx today but no Coach :tdown:. Was it in the display glass case? The store is always messy and unorganized.
  8. My TJ's had them on the rack with the regular sunglasses.
  9. Congrats! My Tj's never carry Coach sunnies, but I've bought them at Nordstorm Rack before.
  10. The nicer sunnies are always in the glass case in the jewelry dept at my TJ Maxx store - that's where these were - they seem to rarely get Coach ones and when they do, they sell fast. The SA told me that they had just gotten these in so my timing (for once) was good!
  11. these look like the taryns???

  12. Wow -they do huh - they say Kiersten on them and I looked on Ebay and there are several pairs listed - looks like Coach is recycling the designs on the sunnies.
  13. lol thats funny
  14. congrats on the cool sunnies!

    I'm with the others who complain about the slim pickings at my local TJs...I have yet to find anything Coach there...and trust me, I've looked long and hard :cursing:.
  15. Believe me, the two pair of sunnies I've found this year are rare for my TJ's - I've only seen a few Coach bags there over the years and most of those were available at the outlets for much lower prices!