My New Coach Steal

  1. I got this great coach yesterday @ the outlet for 69!!! I didn't like the color at first...but it's growing on me...i just couldn't resist it for the price...i also got the contact lens case for 29! GAH! i love the outlets:yahoo:
  2. Its so pretty. I have seen a few people on TPF catching red fever lately, maybe I will be one of the soon.
  3. I saw this at my outlet last night and actually picked it up and put it on my shoulder, but then put it back down. :girlsigh: Give us some modeling pics!!
  4. oh I think it's darling! wow that is such a steal!!!! Is this the smaller one? Great buy!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. congrats, SUCH a good deal!
  6. It's adorable! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Love it!! And great deal! :tup:
  8. modeling pic per your request
    I never even tried it on...i picked it up and took it's bigger than i thought...but i'm small
  9. I think maybe I should have picked it up and brought it home with me now. :sad: I think it looks great on you!! I loooove red bags.
  10. mrodriquez2006, what a great deal. Love that color, so pretty. Congrats you are soooo lucky to be near an outlet.
  11. wow thats really pretty on you I like it!!!
  12. WOW! I can't get over the DEAL you got...AWESOME bag~ And with your dark hair it looks stunning~:tup:
  13. awesome bag, congrat's.
  14. Cute bag, it looks good on you...enjoy!!
  15. Wow what a steal!!! Congrats