My New Coach Purchase!

  1. Yep I got me a new bag!

    I just recently got my first real grown up job as a public relations account exec and I am going on my first business trip by myself at the end of this month.

    I realized that I didn't have a nice black professional leather bag and that I ned one.

    I was deciding on new shoes or a new bag. I really could care less about shoes. I LOVE shoes from Target. So I got this grand idea Saturday to go to the Coach Outlet in Wrentham Mass!

    Seriously if anyone is from the area I recommend going REAL soon. EVERYTHING is on sale.

    I got this bag! And I am in Love. It was $409 on clearance to $259 and then 20% off. So I ended up getting it for $218!!! What an effing steal!!

    The girl was also telling me it was made for the Coach store and not the outlet and also came with a Coach Boutique dustbag (the brown) not one that would usually come from the outlet.

    Please look.
    (sorry about the cell phone picture - I can't find my dang camera cord)

    PS You can't see it in the pic but the belt around it is braided!! MY FAVORITE part of the bag.

  2. Congrats on your new bag and your new job!!!! What a GREAT choice in bags for a business trip, or just to wear around town...she will get LOTS of use! ENJOY her and ENJOY your first business trip!!!!!
  3. I am soooo jealous!!!! I love that bag!!!! :drool:
  4. that's a gorgeous bag! Congrats on your new job!
  5. Thanks ladies!
    Ugh I love it so much! I think I'm going to start using it tomorrow instead of waiting till the trip! It's so awesome because I can really fit EVERYTHING in it! My planner, my little job notebook.
    Can't wait to show my boss tomorrow. She loves my Coach obsession.
  6. Oooo....that bag is yummy! I love it!!!! Congrats on your new gorgeous purchase and your job!!!!
  7. Congratulations, both for the new job and perfect bag!
  8. I love that bag!! Congrats on your new job!!
  9. congratulations! That bag is one of my favs as well! I Love it. I just picked up the handbag size today at the outlet myself and am considering going back and getting the light blue one!.

    Its the perfect bag for wok! Have fun showing it off :smile:

  10. OO I didn't see a small one!!!
    I was really on a mission for a large bag so I didn't look for any small ones lol
    I may have to go back!
  11. This a great bag and you got a super excellent price on it. Would love a black myself.
  12. excellent choice, very classy & professional
  13. I love that bag. I almost picked the black but I just ordered the light blue one for myself. Yours is gorgeous!
  14. hamptons! congrats! the hamptons line is really great for work, it looks very professional and sophisticated. i'm saving up for the new hamptons carryall, i love the new look. congrats and enjoy!
  15. That is a bag that I feel is perfect for work. Classy yet with a little bit of something something to stand out. :tup: