My NEW Coach Jilly Ballet Flats!

  1. :smile: I bought these a few weeks after the boxing day sale at my local coach store! Not many people knew that the shoes were on sale, because they weren't tagged, so when I got there, there was 1 in my size left!

    Picked these babies up for $50 :p:love:


    Gotta wait till the snow is gone to wear these outside though! T_____T

    Oh, can anyone recommend a water resistant spray to protect these babies?
  2. Cute!
  3. very cute how comfortable are they?? are they more of a narrow fit??
  4. Yep if you call Coach you can get them for $59, I called last night but they don't have my size :sad:
  5. Those look so cute in you!!! Congrats!
  6. very cute, congrats! i :heart: flats.
  7. they are super comfortable i have it in an 11... usually coach flats for me are a 10! but i got the bigger side for a more roomy fit.. with the 10 my toes hit the front
  8. ohh i like those! very cute!
  9. I wouldn't say they were narrow, because I have pretty fat feet, and they fit me fine =) haha.. (I'm also flat-footed)
  10. How cute they are. I wanted to get a pair but the SA was super rude over the phone and didnt buy them :sad:, congragulations!!!
  11. I picked up a few pairs of these as well since they were on sale. The flats need to be broken in though since I noticed that the back of the flats cut into my heel, especially on my left foot. Also, I've found that for me, the Coach flats are running about 1/2 size too big.
  12. I LOVE THOSE!! I have the black sig ones (wearing them right now actually), but I've been wanting the khaki ones for a while. I about cried when I saw they were on sale at Coach & didn't have my size! Congrats on your great find!

    Can you call the 800# & order them off the website or do you have to call a boutique?
  13. Love them... whats the style #? I would like to call coach and order them!!!
  14. cute, what a deal.. congrats! :tup:
  15. SO cute, and what a deal! Wish they had some here! Congrats!