My New Coach (First one)

  1. [​IMG]
    This is what I bought for work. OK, so it's not all leather & it has seams but what I do is turn the bag around so the seams don't show. It's not quite up to regulation but was as close as I could get.
  2. I love it. You made a fantastic choice.
  3. cute bag...what kind of job do you have?
  4. Its lovely, great choice!
  5. Congrats, I love the large sig bags !

    Is this for your flight attendant job ?
  6. regulation?

    if you are a flight attendant and love coach they have some lovely coach classic bags designed for airline attendants if you want some old movie charm.
  7. I love the black on black -- subtle, but still there. I think it's really cute!
  8. Cute, make way for more cause you will love them..
  9. I love it! its very cute,and versitile!
  10. lOve It!! :love: congraaaaaats :biggrin:
    i am searching for a swing bag.. and you are certainly giving ideas:yes:
  11. Good choice!
  12. Very cute and classy! (:
  13. Love it! I'm a big fan of the black on black signature. Very subtle and also durable.
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