My new Coach Ballet Flats and Coach Carryall (Pics)

  1. I got these flats a month ago so their not super new but the bag I just got on sale at Macys for a great price. It's been great for work and fits everything!

    DSC01270.JPG DSC01283.JPG
  2. I have those shoes too!! The Odella's!! I love them!! Congrats!
  3. That bag is beautiful. I had to return my ballet flats as the heels really hurt my feet.
  4. That carryall is gorgeous.... I just love it's belted look. I think I'm gonna have to have one haha
  5. beautiful bag and shoes......congrats
  6. i love that carryall. my roommate from last year received that in dark brown from her boyfriend for xmas. it's a gorgeous bag! congrats!
  7. Love the shoes. And that bag is just gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  8. The shoes and carryall are really cute! Love the braided "belt" on the carryall! Congrats!
  9. macys???? on sale???????? which one?????!?!?!?
  10. Love the shoes!! I'm soooo ready for some Coach shoes :yes:
  11. OOO:huh:o:huh:ohh I love flats..and it's Coach! Nice stuff!
  12. very classy pieces - congrats!!
  13. Beautiful purchases!
  14. mm I want the shoes! I think I may buy a pair soon.
  15. i love that pebbled leather, congrats!