My New Coach bag!

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  1. my cousin works at the coach store in my local mall, and she bought me one on her discount. so i got this bag way less, which is always a good thing. :yahoo: i havent had the time to take a picture of it, but once i do, i'll post them up here. and this is the bag i got... pretty isn't it? :love:

  2. love the chocolate :smile:
  3. i know. that was the first thing that caught my eye about the bag. i LOVED the color. and plus, i was in need of a small bag. :biggrin:
  4. yay, congrats!! its a gorgeaus color!
  5. Ooh, very nice. Congrats!!
  6. wow super jealous...

    no jk..but thats a nice bag =]
  7. Super cute. Congrats!. Especially rewarding at a discounted price.
  8. Congratulations! It is a beautiful bag!
  9. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! you can't go wrong with a hobo.
  11. mmm, the color is gorgeous!! congrats! :yahoo:
  12. I love the chocolate signature - it's such a rich color. Congrats!!
  13. Congrats - thats a cute bag!!
  14. cute! I just bought that bag today, in black :smile:
  15. cute hobo!
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