My new Coach bag!!!!!

  1. My bf gave me a VERY early anniversary (it's in September) gift yesterday :yahoo: ! And he is the PHBF!!!!!!! He never understands why I need so many bags!!!!

    It's beautiful!!!! I LOVE it SO much!!!! But I am scared to get it dirty though!!!! :crybaby:Just gotta be extremely careful with this one!
    Coach5.1.JPG Coach2.1.JPG Coach3.1.JPG Coach4.1.JPG
  2. Very cute! Happy early anniversary, how many years are you up to?
  3. Thank you! It's been almost 3 years! :yahoo: :party:
  4. Love the bag, it is soo cute!
  5. I love the size of that bag, congrats!!
  6. Great bag! I'm trying to get that exact same bag in silver and gold but the prices at the outlets we still too pricey for me. Congrats!
  7. Thank you! He got this one for me at an outlet. It was $279.99 + 20% off (I was with him when he bought it). It was pricey for me, too, that's why he decided to just give it to me as a gift. The store had this bag in silver and brown, too!!! I was hoping for black, but they were all out!
  8. congrats! i have that bag in black and i love it!! ENJOY!
  9. Thank you!!!! The size is just perfect! It fits everything that I usually carry with me and doesn't feel too heavy!
  10. Thank you! I was hoping to find it in black but the outlet didn't have it!
  11. Congratulations with the anniversary and the great bag!
  12. Congratulations! Its very cute. I remember when I first saw it in person I thought "Thats a lot bigger than I thought it'd be!", lol! The interior is so pretty :heart:3
  13. congrats! oh so pretty!
  14. beautiful! hes a keeper ; ]
  15. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag. My mom has this one in brown and loves it.