My New Coach Bag! Very LV "suede"

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  1. Hiya, this site is so arghhh... ever since I saw Jessica Alba with that Coach straw bag on this site, my impression of Coach changed! Now Coach is an I-am-so-glamorous-and-chic-but-i-will-carry-something- good-quality-and-attainable-cause-i-am-still-one-simple-gal-like-u kinda brand!

    My younger brother chose this bag for me after I told him to help me get a cheaper Coach bag (being a pilot, he gets 20% off most labels except LV, Hermes and Fendi Spies, darn!) and he only accepted $100 from me. Such a sweet guy with impeccable taste. He chose the monogram over the leather, cause he thought its more obviously Coach. :weird: Ok maybe his taste is not that great!

    Sorry for the blurred pics. I took it with my hp camera.



  2. Nice brother! I would love it if I had a brohter that actually picked out a bag for me!
  3. Ah thanks! He tried to send me a picture of the bags through his mobile but I saw it a bit too late. I preferred the leather one but he felt it was a tad over budget. This black one he picked is suppose to be a limited edition... or so the sales people claimed. He's a sweet guy. Although he also warned that among the pilots, if anyone carries a branded, they'll think its a fake and say "beijing or shanghai"? Ha.

    I saw some white boxy leather ones too, very gucci-glam (but i guess that's quite a few seasons ago). And the celeb "daphne satchel" that Jessica Alba carried is quite a cutie too. Argh I'm so addicted. Coach is so much more affordable.
  4. Agree! I love being able to get a good bag for under $400!
  5. Yay! What a sweet brother!
  6. Very sweet brother!! And I didn't know pilots got a 20% discount at Coach... I have a huge extended family so I'm sure *someone* has to be pilot in there somewhere :lol: :lol: And I love the style of the slouchy hobos.. I got a large-sized one the other day and I absolutely LOVE it! It's huge and fits so much stuff in it, it's crazy! Congrats on your fabulous new bag!
Thread Status:
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