My new Coach bag!! *PICS*

  1. Well, I'm fairly *new* to collecting...I just recently got into actually hoarding designer bags into my closet...:p

    I went to the outlet this past weekend and got my 2nd and 3rd Coach pieces!!! :yahoo: I got a small leather Soho flap and a card case that I will use as an ID holder/wallet.

    I'm you think the Soho flap looks a bit "old" for my age? I thought it was at first, but now I'm growing to like it...

    Oh and I also see what you all mean now: as soon as something gets crossed off my wishlist, something else gets added on...:rolleyes:

    So here are the pics: [click to enlarge]
    P1040017.JPG P1040013.JPG

    Wristlet that I already had and my Coach collection: [well, my Coach collection = my entire bag collection...:push:]
    P1040019.JPG P1040023.JPG
  2. Congratulations Margarita! Those are classic purchases and you will be glad to have them! You made great choices! :yes:
  3. Congrats!!! Gorgeous'll love them!
  4. That is a really classic collection you'll have for years. And no, it's not too old at all!
  5. thanks! i do like that they are classic pieces...definitely adding more coach to my collection! :graucho:
  6. Great choice!
  7. Wow margaritamix you are so mature for 15! Congrats on your latest purchases, I think everything is beautiful. I am not going to let my DD see your posts. She has only one Coach purse (I'm a mean momma!) but I let her borrow my others whenever she needs to. I can't imagine purchasing bags for both of us separately...yikes! She can buy her own once she gets a job:wlae: which hopefully will be soon!
  8. I didn't get my first designer bag until 18, you're well ahead of the game. And as others were saying it is not old at all, its a classic style and color.
  9. Aww, thanks. :smile: I only had one Coach wristlet my mom got me for homecoming from 2 years ago, and it's too small for everyday use now, so I talked my parents into driving me to a Coach outlet so I can get "updated"

    Well, I buy my own bags...I used some of my bank savings to purchase those two things... my mom offered to buy them as WAY early Xmas gifts, but I decided I want something else for Xmas...:graucho: LOL Between allowance and holiday/bday money, somehow I have enough to afford designer bags...but I AM getting my first job soon so hopefully that will help my collection to expand even more :yahoo:

    I'm truly a bag ADDICT...and so young too..:roflmfao:

    Sorry for the rant..:p
  10. congrats!
  11. OMGoodness don't be sorry! I think it's wonderful, you know what you want and you get it! Good luck on your next purchases, hanging out here makes you want more and more. :smile:
  12. ^ OMG I know!!! Seeing all these lovely bags on tPF just makes me want them ALL! :p
  13. Your collection is great -- classic and chic. Congrats on the new goodies!
  14. ^ Thanks!

    ACK! In all my hurry to post I just noticed that I completely forgot to watermark...oh well.

    Hopefully no one steals these photos to list a fake on eBay or something... :push:
  15. Congrats!! I love the Soho flap... I've been wanting one myself!! & don't worry about it looking "old" on you... it looks great at any age!! :smile: