my new coach accessories :) Just wanted to share cause i love them!

  1. :yahoo: so excited about all my new fun stuff hehe i just wanted to share!

    my new agenda and the cute note from the person i got it from :smile:
  2. Wow... Cute stuff Bessie, You trying to fill up that gorgeous Ergo tote or something? lol
  3. Wow, you scored some yummy stuff! I adore the scarf print so I especially love your wristlet and your umbrella.

    Very nice!
  4. pretty!!!!!
  5. whoa you really got some nice stuff there. Love it all. Congratulations
  6. Pink!! I love pink! Your new stuff is GREAT!
  7. Wow! Looks like you picked up some beautiful treasures. Enjoy that fantastic scarf print and the agenda.... Love those!
  8. Nice stuff!! i love love love the umbrella!
  9. very nice! I'm loving the umbrella!
  10. Excellent stuff! I can't figure out what I like better-the pink stuff or the scarf print.
  11. helpl!!! slush, GREAT stuff! Congrats!
  12. pink and scarf print!! so pretty!
  13. :dothewave: :heart: :yahoo:

    THANKS EVERYONE!!!! :smile: I was so excited ihad to share

    my mom said "at least we know when we visit England in the summer we cant loose you with that umbrella "
    HAHA :smile:
    its so true i love the scarf print!!!!!

    and of course pink is my fav ever so!!!! :smile:

    AND YES MWISNER HAHA :smile: I AM TRYING TO FILL MY ERGO TOTE haha its hard!!!!!!!! but all my stuff had a blast in there this wkend!~!!!!
  14. Love that umbrella!! All your stuff is lovely! :love:
  15. time to accessorize!